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Swimming Pool Builders Pretoria is a pool building company that formed in 2000.  We specialise in building swimming pools and provide professional and quality service.  Our team consists of dedicated pool builders who each take pride in each of the jobs that we are assigned to. With over 20 years of experience in the pool building industry we offer a very special service to make sure that all our customer’s expectations are met. Swimming Pool Builders Pretoria  use quality products that we get from our trusted suppliers that we have used over the years and whom we have built a strong relationship with to make sure that each product we use is of the highest quality. Swimming Pool Builders Pretoria  assist will all residential and commercial properties from homes, town house complexes, schools, hotels and public pools. We have done close work with many construction companies and have been the preferred swimming pool building company to use.  If you are looking for more information on building a swimming pool you can click on the following link that we have provided https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swimming_pool

Swimming Pool Builders Pretoria

The pool that we design with the client and ourselves and are made to what the client requests however the design of the pool also needs to be in conjunction to the area’s space and needs to be able to match the size space.  Swimming pools become a permanent fixture to your property so it is important to us to know exactly what our customers want and that we meet their expectations.  We will ask a few questions that will be able to help guide us as to what you are looking to use the pool for, such as fun and leisure, exercise, what size pool you are looking at and what depth you would like the swimming pool to be, is there a specific shape that you are looking for or if you want a heated swimming pool or not?

Not only do we offer building of new swimming pools but we offer maintenance and service.  It is important to make sure that your swimming pool is maintained and serviced regularly. Swimming pools should be checked at least every 7 – 9 days to make sure that the water level is correct and that the alkaline in the pool is good.  Swimming Pool Builders Pretoria  offer these services to maintain you swimming pool at least once a week and will make sure your swimming pool is looking good at all times.

Swimming Pool Builders Pretoria

Trust us at Swimming Pool Builders Pretoria to give you the best swimming pools to cool off. We operate the whole of Pretoria as well as the surrounding area’s.  We will always advise on the best options for you and have a few designs on hand that we can show you. Most of our clients design their own swimming pools and we always give our clients the best results.  If you are interested in having a swimming pool built, renovated or serviced and maintained then contact Swimming Pool Builders Pretoria.